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A FIRST in school safety! Leaving open containers outside of a school is EXTREMELY dangerous! Letting a visitor enter the building to drop off a forgotten item can just be a ploy for you to open the school doors. With the smart Safety Drop you can reduce the number of visitors entering your school AND reduce the risk of dangerous items being deposited into your buildings forgotten item drop box. With the Smart Safety Drop, your staff remotely locks and unlocks the drop box once the recipient has been verified.

The Smart Safety Drop reduces the number of visitors entering schools while still helping students and employees receive their forgotten items. The Smart Safety Drop was created with all the best practices and safety precautions in mind. This product is the perfect safety device for all K-12 schools, higher education facilities, daycare facilities, and corporate/commercial office settings.

The unit is built with high quality stainless steel and durable polycarbonate materials. The smart lock is protected with a cover to ensure long lasting use! The unit is well ventilated to reduce odors or assist in a K9 search if an item was deemed suspicious. The unit's legs are designed to either be bolted in place or rolled in and out of your building utilizing the provided rollers.

This product can be used inside to secure lost and found items.

The smart lock also gives you the option to use a fob to unlock the unit, enter a passcode to lock/unlock the unit and easily change the passcode. Optimal operating distance is approximately 50 feet. Obstructions such as brick walls and multiple doors may reduce the effectiveness of the remote's signal strength.


  • Limit visitors from entering your building.

  • Place next to your corporate office's greeter desk to accept personal items being dropped off to avoid any claims of damage.

  • Place in your school's main office to securely hold lost and found items so people can see the contents and identify their property.

  • Use as a rolling supply cart to eliminate the theft of cleaning supplies, tools, and accessories.

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The Smart Safety Drop was designed and developed by a former Deputy Chief of Police, Rob Licamara, who was heavily involved in school safety practices and policies. Upon his retirement, he became the Deputy Director of Public Safety at one of the largest community colleges in New York City. After serving 2 years there, he was hired as the Director of Security for one of the largest school districts in Bergen County, New Jersey, where he also holds multiple titles as a Certified LEAD Officer, SRO, and School Safety Specialist. Rob became frustrated with the lack of safety devices used to accept items from visitors, which led to him designing and patenting the Smart Safety Drop.

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